Thursday, 12 November 2015

Merger Arb Cleco:CNL


I have not written much in past few month because there are fewer and fewer investments I like to invest in.

At the current price I have established a position in Cleco for the blog. There are some concerns the buy out will not go through.

For more information see the following link. This was written by one of my favourite writer at seekingalpha:

name targetsymbolpricediscount upsidebid total


Weight watchers

I have also sold the full weight watchers position at $24.81. The Oprah effect was a little bit too fast and heavy for me. Maybe there will be a better point to rentry. Additionally the dollar is relatively high for me and I will change this back into euro for a nice additional gain.

Stockpriceprice EntryDate EntryActiveReturnv S&P500 [€]Annualized Return

Weight Watchers$24.81$19.001/9/201511/12/201530.58%20.10%37.33%

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  1. Great Timing on CNL. Deal now looks quite likely.